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Social Media Solutions for Contractors Part 2

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Social media has been integrated, in one form or another, into nearly every business in the United States. However, the construction industry has been resistant to adopt these innovative platforms. If construction firms want to stay competitive, they will have to be willing to adapt to new technologies. It’s time for construction professionals to take a step back and reevaluate how they plan to find success in the next decade.

In the first part of this two-part series, our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys explained the utility of social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In part two, we will examine how Instagram and Glassdoor can address some of the most common problems facing contractors today.

Develop a Visual Portfolio with Instagram

Contractors are often pitted against other contractors to win bids on public projects from the government, but the same philosophy holds true for private contracts, too. While a better bid can help you procure a private contract, most investors are more interested in quality than value. Traditionally, you might maintain an album of before and after photographs to showcase your firm’s construction expertise, but today that is simply not enough. Investor’s want to be impressed with what your company can produce, but they usually value the opinions of others even more.

Creating an Instagram to display your company’s portfolio of work allows you to simultaneously display your work and showcase feedback in one place. What does a potential investor value more, a beautiful photograph of a home or a beautiful photograph of a home with 1,700 likes and 200 comments? A Fort Lauderdale construction attorney can help you draft a photo release waiver into your next contract so you can show off the fruits of your labor to the world.

Build Rapport with Glassdoor

Although the popular job recruitment and reviewing site doesn’t technically fall within the same category as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it has evolved to incorporate many features found on various social media platforms. Glassdoor, which is slated for a $1.2 billion buyout by Recruit Holdings sometime in 2018, allows users to leave detailed reviews of employers to help empower jobseekers.

If you are actively hiring new employees, they will screen you through Glassdoor. It’s imperative to generate positive reviews before your score takes a nosedive into the red. A poor Glassdoor page can absolutely demolish your recruiting prospects. On the other hand, a positive Glassdoor page can siphon applicants from your competitors and strengthen your workforce considerably. If you decide to use Glassdoor, ask your workers to leave you a positive review. If you are truly facilitating a positive work environment, they will be happy to oblige.

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