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The Fall of Retail Construction and the Rise of Warehouse Construction Part 2

As shopping has shifted from brick-and-mortar retailers to websites, construction demand has shifted from retail spaces to warehouses. As we discussed in part one of this series, small shops that sell clothing, accessories, and shoes have given way to behemoth warehouses with bustling workers and efficient machines. 

Below, we will discuss the resulting rise in warehouse construction. E-commerce warehouse construction can be lucrative for contractors that have the expertise and skilled labor to tackle these massive projects. For a legal partner that can help you avoid legal disputes on projects of any size, consult with a Hillsborough County construction lawyer from Cotney Construction Law. 

In High Demand 

In order for online retailers to house goods and meet shipping demands, they require warehouses, a lot of warehouses. Currently, there are 225 million square feet of warehouse space under construction. Despite this impressive number, it’s expected to be 170 million square feet shy of what will be needed.

The Bigger the Better  

In addition to an increase in the number of warehouses, there is also a demand for larger, technologically advanced warehouses. In 2018 alone, there were 48 warehouse projects of one million square feet or more. This trend is the result of a need to house more goods and ensure prompt product delivery. Amazon recently announced one-day shipping, a feature that would not be possible without their extensive network of fulfillment and sortation centers. 

Your Expertise is Valuable

These warehouses are far more than just walls and a roof. Construction firms will need to account for storage and delivery using robotic systems in their designs. Given the incredible growth of online retailers, clients are expecting quick project completion. In addition to warehouse construction, retail stores are now attempting to stay relevant by offering enticing additions, such as cafes, bars, and even amusement park attractions. 

A Partner at the Top of Their Game 

All of this means that contractors need to be on the top of their game in order to work on warehouse and retail projects. These complex projects pose unique problems for even the most experienced contractor, often resulting in delays and legal disputes. The team of attorneys at Cotney Construction Law are current on all aspects of this industry, including the shifting trends that can cause contractors to falter. To ensure that your construction projects go off without a hitch, partner with the Hillsborough County construction lawyers at Cotney Construction Law. 

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