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Three companies ordered to reinstate workers for whistleblower violations

Coit Services of Ohio has been ordered to reinstate a worker wrongfully terminated for reporting breaches of lead abatement protocol during home renovation work in Shaker Heights. The restoration and cleaning company must repay more than $161,000 in back wages, damages and fees for violating the Clean Air Act and Toxic Substances Control Act.

OSHA also ordered Marlborough, Mass.-based Brillo Motor Transportation Inc. to reinstate and pay a worker more than $131,000 after the agency determined he was wrongfully terminated when he refused to drive more than the allowable hours mandated by federal regulations.

In a third case, OSHA ordered Metropolitan Aviation LLC to reinstate and pay a pilot more than $215,000 in back wages and damages after firing him for reporting an emergency landing. The air carrier violated the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century. Read the news release for more details on this case and for information on the more than 20 whistleblower statutes under OSHA jurisdiction.

(From OSHA)