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Transparency in Construction: The Benefits and Tips for Improvement

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Now more than ever, employees desire to know about the intentions, motivations, and decisions of their company leaders. Companies that are willing to be more open with their employees will see an improvement in their work culture.

This is why transparency is so valuable. Transparency is a willingness to be open about information, and it is necessary for various areas of your business including the hiring process, contract negotiations, safety practices, the bidding process, and other pertinent areas. Our Brandon construction attorneys will share the benefits of transparency and tips for improving transparency within your company.

Benefits of Transparency

Transparency is good for a company’s culture. Without it, your employees will not feel valued. When transparency is promoted you will build a culture of trust which leads to more efficient and successful projects. The benefits of transparency include:

  • More authentic work relationships
  • A more engaged workforce
  • A more productive workforce
  • Faster problem solving
  • Increased trust in leadership
  • A clearer understanding of the company’s mission and goals
  • An understanding of company policies and procedures

The Keys to Improving Transparency

Construction projects require the involvement of many parties so there is always the potential for miscommunication and for things to fall through the cracks. A great deal of communication is necessary to meet project goals. Here are some tactics for improving transparency:

  • Hold everyone accountable
  • Provide timely responses
  • Have an open door policy
  • Make company performance measures accessible
  • Produce daily reports and keep detailed records
  • Give constructive criticism and encourage honest feedback

Your employees are the backbone of your construction operation. Transparency builds trust and a more positive company reputation. A lack of transparency can lead to a myriad of issues including situations that require legal intervention from a Brandon construction attorney.

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