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Why You Need Construction Contract Review in Colorado Springs

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Contractors in Colorado Springs have their hands full when it comes to reviewing the contents of their construction contracts. Not only do they have to watch out for potentially damaging language and clauses, but they also must have a comprehensive understanding of Colorado’s unique construction laws. 

A contractor shouldn’t need a law degree to operate in Colorado; that’s where we come in. At Cotney Construction Law, our team works solely with the construction industry, ensuring that all of our efforts are aimed at helping the professionals of this fine industry. Below, we discuss why Colorado Springs contractors should have their construction contracts reviewed by our stellar team. For assistance with contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiating, partner with an experienced contract review lawyer from Cotney Construction Law. 

What the Best Contract Review in Colorado Springs Includes 

Construction contracts contain numerous provisions that outline how a construction project should take shape. Any small change to the contract language can have a drastic effect on any aspect of the project. When offering the best contract review in Colorado Springs, our attorneys are laser-focused on the following provisions: 

Scope of Work 

Even the best-laid plans can lead to ruin. Scope creep is an unfortunate reality in this industry where delays and changes add up. Over time, a project can balloon to uncontrollable proportions. Our attorneys always strive to ensure that the scope of work is clearly defined in the contract. Material type, payment schedules, and the estimated completion date are all particulars that must be made clear.

Right to Rescind 

Right to rescind laws are unique from state to state. In the State of Colorado, an owner can cancel a roofing contract pertaining to residential property within three days if the contract permits it. By this time, you may have already invested significant resources into the project. Does your contract give owners a right to rescind? If you are unsure, consult with a contract review attorney in Colorado Springs


As a contractor, one of your chief concerns is how you will be paid. Any construction contract you sign should clearly state not only how much you will be paid but also by when and through what method. All of these terms are negotiable, and an attorney can assist you in obtaining the payment schedule that suits your needs. Seemingly identical provisions, such as “pay when paid” and “pay if paid” clauses, can prove to have a drastic impact on payments when given a closer look. 

Of note, Colorado does allow contractors to waive their lien rights in a contract. This can be a grave error for contractors because it forfeits their most powerful tool in obtaining unpaid compensation: the mechanic’s lien. An experienced attorney from our Colorado Springs law firm can review your contract to ensure that your lien rights are protected. 

If you would like to speak with an attorney about contract review Colorado Springs, please contact us today.

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