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Why You Should Update Your Employee Handbook This New Year

Whether you regularly update your employee handbook or haven’t touched it since the first draft, the New Year offers the opportunity to review your handbook and make any necessary updates, so that your business can hit the ground running in 2020. What areas need to be addressed in your handbook? A Memphis construction attorney with Cotney Construction Law will discuss this topic and more. 

Why Update Your Handbook Every New Year?

Technically, the ideal time to update your employee handbook is during the downtime towards the end of December, but January works too if you didn’t get around to doing this before the ball dropped. There are several reasons why the timing is right to update your employee handbook at the start of the year, including:

Improving Policies 

A lot can change in a year. Maybe your business grew. Maybe you took on a new service area within the industry, merged with another company, or found a liability issue with your handbook. Your employee handbook needs to reflect where your business stands today, and there are a variety of reasons why you need to update your policies on an annual basis. Improving policies and reducing liability are crucial aspects to employee handbook revisions.   

Bolstering the Workplace

Every successful company has effective training processes in place and consistent policies throughout their handbook. This not only reduces the employer’s liability, but it also bolsters morale in the workplace as employees have a clear understanding of the policies and reporting systems in place. With an updated manual, you can train your workforce on policy changes. 

Obtaining Acknowledgements

The New Year is also a great time to obtain acknowledgements from your workforce that they received a copy of the handbook, reviewed amendments to the agreements, and signed the updated version. Again, this not only helps protect the employer from liability while informing the employees of changes, it also provides your employees with an opportunity to provide feedback regarding their experience at your company and the policy changes. 

Hiring New Employees

Due to annual growth, the New Year creates a competitive job market where employers look to fill important vacancies, or continue to grow their business, by expanding their workforce. As your company brings in some fresh faces, it’s important to start their careers at your company off on the right foot by ensuring the policies in your manual are clearly worded and up to date.  

Acknowledging Change

Employers should assess topics away from their workplace and update their manual to reflect these changes. In some cases, society trends and legislative changes require policies to be improved. For example, the #MeToo movement spread awareness to a lot of employers that realized their equal employment opportunity provisions in their manuals needed to be improved.  Whether it’s updating policies related to technologies or revising the manual to accommodate recent legislative changes, the employee manual should be updated every year with the help of a construction attorney. 

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