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Workers’ compensation is a complex topic, and even the most adept construction professionals and business owners can find themselves in tough situations.

Perhaps when you were first setting up your business, something was amiss with your workers’ compensation insurance paperwork and the error has reared its head years later. Maybe an employee has been injured on the job. Perhaps you’ve been issued a Stop Work Order. No matter the situation, if you have a potential workers’ compensation issue on your hands, you need a Florida workers’ compensation defense firm.

A Serious Matter

Workers’ compensation cases have the potential to be acrimonious, high-stakes proceedings. They should be treated seriously, and business owners are wise to seek the counsel of a workers’ compensation defense firm in Florida to protect their business, reputation, and bottom line.

Stop Work Orders

The State may issue a Stop Work Order, which requires you to cease any activity at your offices and on jobsites.

Complying with the order is imperative. Though Stop Work Orders are fairly common in the construction industry, they should never be taken lightly. Under no circumstances should a contractor or business owner continue working after a Stop Work Order has been issued. Contractors are also responsible for advising subcontractors to cease operations.

Failure to stop working after a Stop Work Order has been issued is a punishable offense and business owners may be fined $1,000 per day that they continue to conduct business.

Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm in Florida

Workers’ compensation cases have the potential to bankrupt construction businesses and can even result in charges of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is a third-degree felony, punishable by massive fines and up to five years in prison.

You have successfully built your business through your hard work and construction expertise, and a workers’ compensation dispute should not compromise that success. We are passionate about helping construction professionals navigate any type of legal issue. Cotney Construction Law has been defending construction professionals for over 100 years, collectively, and we will fight for you.

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