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Stop Work Order in Florida

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Have you been issued a Stop Work Order? If so, it’s time to get proactive. A Stop Work Order in Florida will not resolve itself or be lifted without action on your part. Working with a skilled attorney can help save your business thousands of dollars and prevent felony insurance fraud charges.

What is a Stop Work Order?

A Stop Work Order is a civil financial investigation that is used as a tool by the Florida Department of Financial Services. The Department uses it to halt your business activities until you comply with the appropriate insurance coverage mandated by the State.

Being forced to stop working is devastating news for any business, and the lost profits can even be large enough to force a small or midsize business to close its doors. However, it is crucial that you comply with what the State asks of you; the worst possible thing you can do is to ignore the Stop Work Order and continue conducting business. Doing so will result in severe fines and a heightened chance of more serious charges.

It is inadvisable to communicate too much with the State before you have an attorney on your side. While you should not ignore the Department or miss any deadlines, interactions and negotiations are best handled by experienced legal counsel. Depending on what point in the process you hire your attorney, they can help ensure that you meet these deadlines.

Florida Statutes Section 440

If your business has not received a Stop Work Order in Florida and you are currently educating yourself for preventative purposes, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Section 440.10, Florida Statutes. The Florida Legislature outlines specific requirements regarding workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

One of the important things addressed in Section 440 is what constitutes an independent contractor. Employees cannot be categorized as independent contractors, and doing so is one of the most common reasons the State may issue a Stop Work Order in Florida. Another reason is inadequate workers’ compensation insurance coverage, which is also a serious offense. Failure to obtain the proper insurance and deceitful practices regarding insurance are both crimes and, potentially, felonies.

Stop Work Order Attorney in Florida

Perhaps it’s too late for prevention and you have already been issued a Stop Work Order in Florida. Whether for inadequate workers’ compensation insurance, misclassifying an employee, or any other reason, we will defend your business and your right to a fresh start. We want to help you keep what you have worked so hard to build and will bring tenacity and years of experience to your case.

If you would like to speak with a Stop Work Order defense attorney in Florida, please contact us today.

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