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Working With a Construction Lawyer to Conduct an On-Site Safety Audit Part 1

Many contractors must deal with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspecting their construction sites. Having an OSHA inspection can come as a surprise if there are hazardous conditions reported on the jobsite. There are many different tools for preventing and correcting dangerous work environments. A construction lawyer from Cotney Construction Law can help you audit your jobsite and help you identify possible safety hazards.

It’s important to understand that this visit from a construction lawyer can help you preempt violations and citations. Walking your site regularly helps prevent the “Fatal Four” construction site accidents that result in death: falls, electrocutions, caught-in/between, and struck-by object. That being said, having a South FL contractor lawyer present for the walk-through to help you correct any issues is a good idea.

Beginning the On-Site Consultation

The lawyer will meet you at your construction site and notify you of any evident hazards. They will start the visit by meeting with you and getting a better understanding of your jobsite. Before they arrive, have any jobsite documents or plans ready to keep the visit on a proactive timeline.

Touring the Site

To begin the safety audit, the lawyer will do a walkthrough with you and suggest actions to take, if any, to prevent violations. Having employee participation is useful for the different points of view and uses of the site. The more involved your employees are with the walkthrough, the better chance the lawyer will be able to identify and correct hazards thus helping you prevent future injuries.

The lawyer will not only point out potential OSHA violations, but they will also make you aware of any other health and safety risks that may be present. You can even limit the visit to focus on a couple specific areas of concern if you wish.  

To find out what happens after the construction lawyer tours the jobsite, read the second part of this article.

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